Skipping Church

Every so often I get a Sunday or two off from leading worship.  Because I’m a church geek I used to go to other churches on these Sundays, but since having kids it’s not really feasible (unless I want to spend my time in the nursery and/or Sunday School with my children who don’t necessarily want to be left with strangers).

Now on my Sundays off, I realize what I’m up against trying to get families to come to church.  And am very grateful that the families who come actually make it!

Two weeks ago,  we held C’s “half” birthday party (because we didn’t get our act together and have her party in January when her actual birthday is). On a Sunday morning.  In Dufferin Grove Park.  It was a lot of fun – and there was the splash pad and playground to help with kid entertainment.

Not far from our group of happy preschoolers was a large group of people who gathered to practice yoga.  I watched them a little and thought – I would love to be practicing Yoga in the park on a Sunday morning.  Which made me start thinking about what I usually do on Sunday morning and how it doesn’t feel nearly a soul-feeding as Yoga in the park. Or Church on Tap. Or some of the other alternative ways of worshipping. Which as a worship  leader, a church geek, a lover of good liturgy, is very sad. Very frustrating. Maybe hypocritical?

I’m not in a position in this church to change our worship liturgy – but even if I was, I don’t know that it would be appreciated.  People come for the familiar.  I’ve tried “alternative” kinds of worship which has drawn – well far too few people to try again.

So for now, I’ll enjoy the great liturgy and worship that other folks have created (and maybe drag a few likely congregants along too?) and enjoy the opportunities that I have to spend more time having parties in the park with my darling little girls.  And listen for the opportunities to make space and create the experiences that feed my soul and connect me with the Divine.  And that will have to be enough.


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