Different kind of office hours (aka culture shock)


This is my “office” view this afternoon.

This summer we moved from downtown Toronto – big city! – to rural Vancouver Island. I took a job as 75% minister to a church whose parish is a rural valley with 4 small towns within it.  The other 25%  is minister to the local United Church Camp. It’s new experiment – not a multi-point charge, not just “at camp” for the summer.  There’s lots of flexibility to figure out how and what is needed.

So I decided to have “office hours” at the camp, once a week. It is a huge bonus that both my daughters are here – one in daycare, one in after-school care.  But even without that bonus, how amazing to sit in this lovely hall, cozy on a cool fall day, with a latte (I picked up in town on the way here), my laptop and this amazing view.  Overlooking the lake, trees.  And right now, my child and the other older children, playing outside.

So if you are on Vancouver Island, swing by and come and see me.  We can talk about God, the Universe and everything.  Or just drink coffee and drink in the view.

It’s good for the soul.