The next goal – and giving back

On Sunday morning, I got to wear The Shoes, and it was wonderful.  I preached a sermon  about this journey – and the support of everyone who cheered me on on this blog and in person.  Thanks to you all.

One last goal – and for something a little more important than even a pair of beautiful Fluevogs.   A 5K race, on October 22nd.  It’s a women’s run at Sunnybrook Park (near the hospital where my first baby was born!).  I’m going to get a bib with my name on it and I’m going to frame that sucker and probably put it up in my office as my beloved won’t let me hang it up in the living room. (She’ll be running too).

It’s a fun run, but there is an opportunity to raise money for POGO – Paediatric Oncology Group of Ontario.  It’s the group that came to that first born baby’s Kindergarten class last week, because one of her classmates has cancer.

So, if you’d like, you can pledge a few dollars and help me put money toward something a little (or a lot) self-indulgent than shoes.  This is the link.  You have to put in my last name and it will give you the prompts about how to pledge me.

Or not.  You’ve all cheered me on, gave me “likes”, made encouraging comments and fabulous playlist suggestions – and been my crowd of Witnesses that helped me reach a goal.  And for that, I am very thankful.


We’re looking for someone who might be willing to come cheer us on, while watching our little ones – and helping them yell “run, mummies, run” so if you’re in the city that day and have an hour or so on Saturday morning free, please let me know!