Is it cheating?

It’s hot here in southern Ontario – +38 degrees with the humidex. Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk, you can probably roast the whole chicken.

Not the kind of weather for jogging – even if it’s only for 3 whole minutes at a time. But if I skip too many days then I’ll have to go back a week or two and then I won’t want to keep going and those lovely shoes will sit in the cupboard…

So I went to the Y.  To jog around the track.  But is it cheating? Instead of running up and down the hills in our neighbourhood – like the day I managed to find the route that had me going uphill every time I had a run segment – it was a nice, flat track. In an air-conditioned room. Kind of feels like cheating.

But it was hard!  I’m only on week 3 so running for 3 whole minutes is hard.  And the track is upstairs around the weight room – which instead of the Portuguese grandmas I usually see at the Y during the day, was filled with very fit people doing intense workouts.

When I started this program, I spent the first few runs trying to plan routes that avoided people I knew in the neighbourhood (didn’t work, actually ran into the husband of the neighbour who runs all the time. For fun, not shoes).  I’m kind of self-conscious about how jiggly and huffing and puffing I look.

Kinda like this.


At least that’s how I feel!

So, while running around the track at the gym with all the super fit people working out, I decided to pretend I actually look more  like this:


It helps to have an active imagination. And there were no mirrors visible from the running track.

I’ve decided it’s not cheating. At least I ran. Week 4 might be killer when I get back to those hills, though.



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