It’s Alright – Easter sermon musing on a fave song.

Mother Mother is a west-coast band. From Quadra Island, between Vancouver Island and the mainland- just north of where we live now.

I’m currently obsessed with the song It’s Alright – and the video which makes me weep

I have the song on my running playlist because it’s got a fast tempo and makes me feel good to listen too – all good things when trying not to actually stop the forward momentum.

Because it’s the middle of Lent and my clergy-brain is filled with all things Holy Week and Easter, it has occurred to me that this might make the great basis of an Easter sermon…or if not for Easter, maybe another time. What if this is the message of Jesus. You’re alright, you’re ok, you’re not a monster, just human and you’ve made a few mistakes. You’re alright, you’re ok, you’re not a demon, there’s a reason that you’re acting this way.

Watch the video – look at the faces of these people – the ones who need to hear those words…can you see yourself there? Do you need to hear those words? I do – usually several times a day! Especially as a parent! What if this is the message that Jesus has for us – you’re ok, it’s going to be ok. You have made some mistakes, sure, but you aren’t a demon. You’re just human.

All these ordinary people needing to hear these words. Offering to say these words to someone having a rough time. It’s brilliant.

Listen to the bridge – “I don’t want to know who I am, cause heaven only knows what I’ll find…I don’t want to see what’s inside…I think that I would rather be blind…I don’t want to know that I’m not capable”. What if we knew, really knew in our hearts, that heaven really does know what’s inside, that God has seen the worst, the things that make us feel “gruesome”, and the message is “It’s alright. It’s ok. You’re not gruesome, just human”.

And you’re loved. Just as you are. Just loved into trying to better next time.

How would we live if we had that message?

Watch the video – what do you think? Easter sermon? Or just a fantastic running song?