some weeks are just do-overs

I just finished week 7 of the the couch to 5K program, and it was the hardest one yet. 5 minute walking warm up…run 25 minutes…5 minute cool down.

dooverI really tried.  I planned routes with few hills.  I started walking at the top of the big hill at the beginning. I put all the best music on the play list.  The weather even cooperated and cooled off a bit.

But each time, when I got to the 15 minute mark, I just couldn’t do it – I needed to walk for a couple of minutes, before I could go on.

On the plus side, I did crack the 3k mark – as in I ran 3 whole kilometres!  However…

So I’ve decided I need to just do this week over.  Repeat the 3-25 minute runs until I can get past that 15 minute block. Maybe I’ll switch up the route, too and try a different neighbourhood.

Well, at least I managed  7 weeks before hitting the wall.  And I’m still on track to debut those beautiful shoes in September.

Week 7, here I come. Again.

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