Week 5, day 3…

I ran for 20 minutes in a row on Friday. ¬†Without stopping. And yes, that was me yelling “thank-you Jesus” out loud when the drill sergeant (avatar on the app) said it was over and I could walk.

Now, my “running” pace was slightly faster than most people’s normal walking pace, and the pre-loaded fitness app on my phone didn’t even register any running minutes…but it did record 25 minutes of walking.

Oh, and my beloved left me behind in the dust about 6 minutes in. It was our first chance to run “together” because grandma and various relatives were looking after the kidlets. ¬†I could see her, way off in the distance, so that’s a kind of together.

But I did it. 20 minutes. In a row. And had enough energy after a few minutes of the walking cool down to dance a little to Shakira.

Shouldn’t there be someone popping a champagne cork or something about now?




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