What do I have to say that’s worthy of blog space?

Well, I’m not really sure.  Along with being a wife to B and mummy to two little whirlwinds C and R, I am an Ordained minister with the United Church of Canada. Up until 4 years ago, that meant that most weeks, I got to share my thoughts about life, the universe and everything with a congregation of people who gathered together to hear what I had to say.

That changed when I moved to a bigger church, in a “team” ministry, where my emphisis isn’t on the weekly worship. I only get to preach once a month.  And for someone hardwired and accustomed to seeing the world through the lens of “what does this say about faith, about life, about my expereince and how it fits into the wider story” and then sharing it – well, it’s hard.

Plus I’m an extrovert who doesn’t really know what I think about something until I’ve said it out loud.

So I’ll write it down instead.  And maybe somebody will read it.  And maybe they won’t. Maybe this is just one more blog in the overwhelming sea of everybody’s thoughts on the world

Maybe it’s just a break for my poor Facebook friends who have seen my random thoughts fill up their newsfeeds.

But it’s worth a shot!